Last night BIL called.

“I need to speak to my brother.” He said immediately.

Now, BIL is the charmer of the family. He chats and woos everyone around him. To hear something so direct set alarms bells off on my head.

I handed Solicitor the phone and stood close by. I imagined awful news. Had someone died?

“What the fuck?!” Solicitor snapped.

Ok, maybe not a death…

“How did you find it?”

He listened for a bit.

“I’m on my way.” Solicitor slammed down the phone.

“What’s going on?”

“My darling little cousin has decided to pose in a naked photo, which is now all over the internet.” Solicitor informed me.

Uh oh!

“Oh my god, why? What?”

“That’s what I intend to find out.” He yanked on a jacket and began walking to the front door. “Are you coming?”

Hell yes! No way was I going to let Solicitor go by himself.

“What happened?” I asked as he started up the car

“My brother got an email from someone with the photo attached. He searched and found it online. He’s on his way to hers now.

Solicitor’s cousin is at university and lives in a flat near the campus.

I had an awful feeling that she had no idea that her over protective cousin’s were coming to pay her a visit.

“Does she know that your coming?”

“So she has time to hide? No. She doesn’t.”

Solicitor silently stared at the road ahead. I could feel the rage oozing from him. This was not good…

BIL was already waiting in his car outside her flat when we arrived. He exited as soon as we pulled up.

“I can not believe this!” He said without any form of greeting.

“Ok, you two need to calm down before you go knocking on her door.”

“Calm down?!” BIL exclaimed. “She’s naked all over the fucking internet!”

“It’s not that bad.” I reasoned.

“Not that bad?” Solicitor said warningly. “Do you have any idea how many sick, twisted perverts are looking at her right now?”

I couldn’t really comment on that.

I have to say, there was no one in the world that I felt more sorry for when Little Cousin opened her front door.

She knew exactly why they were there and terror leapt across her face. Followed by serious guilt.

“What the fuck were you thinking?” BIL began, pacing about the living room. “Do you have any idea what this does to you? Where’s your self-respect?”


“I can’t even look at you right now!” He continued.

Little Cousin followed us into the living room and sat with her arms wrapped protectively around her chest. She stared at the floor miserably.

“How did this happen?” Solicitor asked her harshly “Did some boyfriend of yours take it?”

Little Cousin nodded hesitantly. “Yeah, he’s not my boyfriend anymore.” Her eyes filled with tears.

“Who is he? Where does he live?” BIL barked.

“This is hardly going to help.” I said reasonably. “Tell us what happened from the beginning.” I asked kindly. There was no point in making the girl feel worse than she did.

“We were just fooling about.” She began.

“Fooling about?” BIL said icily, shooting her a furious glare.

“Let her talk!”

“Yeah…. This was like months ago. Then we broke up and yesterday he uploaded it.”

“That sneaky son of a bitch! Where is he?!” BIL exploded.

“What the hell were you doing letting some guy take pictures of you?” Solicitor stepped in. “Where’s your brain?”

“I didn’t mean for this to happen! We were just playing about on his phone.”

“Are there any videos?” BIL jumped to another conclusion.

Little Cousin stayed silent.

“Oh my God!” Solicitor breathed. “He took a video of you?!”

“I feel sick!” BIL said with a bitter look on his face. “What type of girl does something like that?”

“Where’s your dignity?” Solicitor threw at her. “You’re far to young to be doing… let along filming it!”

“Where is he?” BIL barked again. “Where the fuck is he?”

The same few sentences were thrown at Little Cousin for a good hour.
She sat in the same place, apologising and crying.

We established that: No, he wouldn’t upload any videos because she made sure he deleted them. Yes, this was the only photo.

“This is getting us nowhere.” I said finally after BIL and Solicitor had covered everything from Self Respect, to Honor. “We’re going round and round in circles. The poor girl is upset enough as it is.”

“How could you do it?” BIL asked her again.

“It’s not her fault if her boyfriend uploaded it.” I defended

“No, I mean. Jesus, LC, I can’t believe you’ve actually, you know.” BIL covered his face with his hands. “You’re not a virgin then?”

Even I cringed with embarrassment at that point. I mean Seriously? BIL’s not normally such an idiot. The girl had made a video and taken pics with her boyfriend.

Both Solicitor and BIL looked at Little Cousin, waiting for her to answer. And even in that situation neither of them could hold back the slight look of hope that she was..

The sheer disappointment that flooded both brother’s faces when Little Cousin slowly shook her head was crazy! They honestly looked like they were going to cry…