Stoner met me for lunch yesterday.

To be fair, he should be doing it more; being unemployed and all. Other than standing in the Job Centre queue once a week, and occasionally googling jobs, he does nothing!

So we sat in a lovely corner of Costa and sipped cappuccino (me) and hot chocolate with a shot of hazelnut, topped with whipped cream and marshmallows (him).

“So what’s new?” I asked, after we’d settled down.

“Not much.” He shrugged “How’s the Hubby?”

“The Hubby’s good. He’s been a little busy recently. I saw Bimbo over the weekend.”

Stoner’s eye’s creased up as he smiled affectionately. “And how is the Thicko?”

“Don’t call her that!”

“She thought ADHD was an ingredient in food.”

“She got it mixed up with MSG” I informed him, defensively. I felt my lips twitching at the thought of all of the other crap Bimbo’s come out with in the past.

“Hey, I still think she’s great. No need to turn all female on me!”

I grinned at him. We sipped our steaming drinks.

“Remember that time she thought she had to be elected to vote?” I laughed. “She came in to work with full of hope that this year was her year.”

“Classic! Remember the time when you freaked out with your headache and thought you were dying?”

“Oh my God, don’t!” I turned crimson with shame. “Bimbo drove me to A&E with you in the backseat with me.”

“Scariest day of my life!” Stoner breathed shaking his head in disbelief. “I swear I thought she was going to crash and kill us all.”

“I remember her crying.”

“She was hysterical. She kept saying that she loved you.”

“Moment of true friendship.”

We sat smiling for a few seconds.

“So, you were scared about your own life huh?” I asked cheekily.

“Yeah, I knew you were just freaking out.” He said nodding confidently.

“Ha! You were terrified!. ‘Drive Bimbo drive! speak to me Elise, speak to me.‘”

“Mate, I got a half day off of work. End of.”

“I do kinda miss working with you.” I admitted

“Bloody, hell, Elise. At least try to act a little harder. You’ve gone all soft.”

“Shut it. You feel like a fag?”

“Didn’t you give up?”

“Sure, but I can stand by and watch you smoke.”

“You want one?”

“Two’s it?”

“Yeah, you smoke it first.”

We walked back and sat on the wall outside my office, sharing a cigarette.

“Hey, come over one evening. It’s been a while since the three of us had a drink and played cards.”

“Remember when I met you two in Amsterdam?” Stoner recalled, blowing out a faint cloud of smoke.

“Yep, I got completely trashed on a few drags of Super Silver Haze.”

“To be fair, it’s a hardcore bud.”He nodded expertly.

“We should go again. Brother-In-Law’s getting married, so we should organise a weekend away.”

“BIL’s getting what??!”

“Oh yeah, another story. I reckon I’m going to shout out ‘I object’ at the ceremony”

“Wait. What?”

“Crap, I’m late for work!” I exclaimed checking my watch.

“Lunch same time, same place.” Stoner stated.

“Hell, yeah! I’ve got to update you.”

I pecked him on the cheek and hurried into the building.