The rules with the Game are as follows;

The aim of the game is to turn on your opponent whist acting completely indifferent to them. The loser is the first one to cave in.

You can touch briefly, but no kissing until someone caves.

Solicitor and I play this game every so often. It started out when he was working late again at the office. We were at the early stage of our relationship and I was a little peed off with being ignored.

When he came home from work I was cooking dinner in sexy underwear. He met my challenging eyes and casually walked to the fridge and poured himself a nice cold pint. He leaned against the counter with a slow smile.

I wanted to punish him for not spending time with me so I ignored his smile and began a discussion on politics.

He was game, he stuck with the boring subject and decided to retaliate. He barely brushed past me to get the plates. As soon as we had the slight contact he knew he’d turned me on.

Suddenly he was the one in control.

We played this game as we dished up dinner and set the table. I’d lean over and give him a wonderful view of my breasts, he’d take off his shirt giving me something extremely sexy to look at, my hand would accidentally brush his bulge, his fingers brushed below my earlobe to straighten out my earring. Until we both caved and completely forgot about dinner.

We always debate on who caved. We stay up for hours convinced it was the other person.

I urge all of you couples to try it. It’s crazy how hard you work to turn each other on… what lengths you’ll go to.