Maybe I should start looking for another job.

Diva kind of exploded at Bitch yesterday and left the building…

That makes four people in the last two months that I’ve been working here. apparently there have been many more before my arrival.

Euro-Girl was the first to leave.

To be honest I expected it. She cried all the time, and in between crying she’d tell me how “fucking crazy” Bitch is.

She left in a lovely way. She got a job with the competitor, brough in some chocolate cake and made a lovely speech. “I’ll miss you all blah blah blah, keep in touch blah blah blah.”

On the way out she planted a sweet kiss on my cheek and said “It was nice knowing you.”

Nobody’s heard from her since.

The Invisible Girl was next. She showed up for half a day and stormed out. I believe her last words to HR was “I want my P45 in the post, and fuck you!”

Nobody’s heard from her since.

Quiet Guy left after that. I liked Quiet Guy. We got on really well.

He got sacked. Apparently.

He handed in his notice and a week later Bitch “sacked” him on the spot. He laughed and said “I already quit, remember?”

He got put on Garden Leave and packed up his stuff.

Indian Guy has heard from him. But nobody else has.

And yesterday Diva stormed out. She came back this morning and was called in for “bullying” Bitch. I have to say I’m a little outraged. Diva may be loud and extremely expressive, but she’s not a bully.

Something’s clearly not right. And It’s not Euro-Girl or Invisible Girl or Quiet Guy or Diva… but how the hell is she getting away with it? I’m going to do some digging. I bet she’s sleeping with someone…

Obviously a thick someone. He can’t have a sound mind if he’s doing her.